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Kenneth I. Helphand

Kenneth Helphand is a professor of landscape architecture at the University of Oregon, where he has taught courses in landscape history, theory, and design since 1974. His other books include Colorado: Visions of an American Landscape, Dreaming Gardens: Landscape Architecture and the Making of Modern Israel, and Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space, coauthored with Cynthia Girling. Helphand served as editor of Landscape Journal from 1994 to 2002. He is a fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects and an honorary member of the Israel Association of Landscape Architects. He has received the Bradford Williams Medal and a Graham Foundation grant, as well as distinguished teaching awards from the University of Oregon and the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture.

Defiant Gardens

Why is it that in the midst of a war, one can still find gardens? Wartime gardens are dramatic examples of what landscape architect Kenneth Helphand calls defiant gardens—gardens created in extreme social, political, economic, or cultural conditions. In his examination of the landscape of war, Helphand not only details the surprising occurrence of gardens but also provides an expansive account...

Ranch Gates of the Southwest

In the wide open landscapes of the Southwest, ranch gates stand out as singular icons of a way of life common to the region. Not only symbols of ranching culture, they also offer insight into the design, landscape, and cultural history of the Southwest. Ranch Gates of the Southwest explores in images and text how these entryways lead to an understanding of the people and the land across a...

Photo of Kenneth I. Helphand