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A Rock between Two Rivers

Fracturing a Texas Family Ranch

Hugh Asa Fitzsimons III (author)

The story of a man coming to terms with the environmental legacy of his family’s Texas ranch

A Rock between Two Rivers: Fracturing a Texas Family Ranch is the story of a man coming to terms with the environmental legacy of his family’s ranch in Dimmit County, Texas, and reckoning with the birthright he’ll leave for the generations who follow. What began for Hugh Fitzsimons as a mission to expose local ecological hazards from hydraulic fracking has turned into a lifelong effort to understand the more complicated story of how his family changed the land inherited from his grandfather, and deeper still, how the land irrevocably changed the family.

Water is the lens through which this fifth-generation rancher tells his story. While the discovery of oil in this part of Texas fueled the region's growth, water has the upper hand, determining where people live and how they make their living. Agriculture, ranching, drilling for oil, and now fracking all require water, with each pursuit requiring more and more but giving back less and less to the communities they’ve helped enrich. In A Rock between Two Rivers, Fitzsimons struggles with the inheritance he wants for his own children, one that considers the future consequences of our actions toward the land we are born to and owns the broader threats to our natural resources that loom in the near distance.

Interweaving a family narrative of a life built on the U.S.-Mexico border and the history of European colonization with its brutal consequences on the land and indigenous peoples, Fitzsimons explores how our attitudes toward this precious resource have changed alongside our relationship to the places we call home.


“You can grab a fistful of South Texas scree and hold it in the palm of your hand, but you’ll never really feel the weight of it until it’s gone, blown off by the wind. That’s the message at the heart of Hugh Fitzsimons's touching A Rock between Two Rivers. It’s more than a story about the dangers of fracking; it’s an elegy for a vanishing land peopled by unforgettable characters, told with poetry and grace by a writer who was formed by that land.

Seamus McGraw, author of A Thirsty Land: The Making of an American Water Crisis and The End of Country: Dispatches from the Frack Zone

A Rock between Two Rivers is an elegy and a love song from a rancher with one boot in the sacred and one in the profane—a must-read account of the toll taken on Texas land by the mad dash to drain the Eagle Ford Shale. Atop a plundered aquifer and broken land, Hugh Fitzsimons traces the fracturing of the human spirit and asks us that most vital question: Will we learn to say ‘enough’ before it is too late? This is fracking understood in its full dimensions—a soul-shattering experience.”

Adam Briggle, author of A Field Philosopher’s Guide to Fracking: How One Texas Town Stood Up to Oil and Gas

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