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An Almanac for Moderns

Donald Culross Peattie (author)

Essays for each day of the year contemplating a unique but factual aspect of unbridled nature

One in a series of reissued books that have been out of print for decades, by one of the most loved naturalists of all time. An Almanac for Moderns contains a short essay for each day of the year that contemplates a unique but factual aspect of unbridled nature. According to a review in the Nation, this collection of essays manages to “appeal to the ordinary lover of nature . . . but the turn of Peattie’s mind is poetic and speculative.” The New York Times calls this book “a fine and subtle perception . . . rising at times to an intense lyric beauty . . . a book which the reader will deeply treasure, and to which he will repeatedly return.”

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  • Pages: 400
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  • Published: Oct 2013
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