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Polish Writers on Writing

From the The Writer's World series

Edward Hirsch (editor), Adam Zagajewski (editor)

Polish writers past and present talk about the literary life in their native country

Polish Writers on Writing captures the brilliance and originality of a literature rightly considered one of the most important and influential of our time. These writers are branded by the political realities of their country—creating literature out of the brutality of the Second World War, under the inhibiting and numbing Communist reign, and finally within a free society, but one burdened by its history.

No common denominator, not even the easy one of “Polish twentieth-century authors,” does justice to the variety of talents, styles, and experiences in this collection. “All of the writers have lived in the same house,” Zagajewski says, “in the house of a shared history and a shared language, but the windows of their apartments face quite different directions.” 


  • Stanislaw Baranczak
  • Miron Bialoszewski
  • Stanislaw Brzozowski
  • Józef Czapski
  • Witold Gombrowicz
  • Julia Hartwig
  • Zbigniew Herbert
  • Gustaw Herling
  • Pawel Huelle
  • Anna Kamienska
  • Ryszard Krynicki
  • Boleslaw Lesmian
  • Czeslaw Milosz
  • Slawomir Mrošek
  • Tadeusz Peiper
  • Julian Przybos
  • Tadeusz Róšewicz
  • Adolf Rudnicki
  • Bruno Schulz
  • Jerzy Stempowski
  • Jan Józef Szczepanski
  • Wislawa Szymborska
  • Aleksander Wat
  • Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz
  • Adam Zagajewski
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