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Romanian Writers on Writing

From the The Writer's World series

Edward Hirsch (editor), Norman Manea (editor)

Romanian writers past and present talk about the literary life in their country

Vanity doubled by vitality, vulnerability mixed in with force, and the fear of dissolution intimately linked with the desperate pride of defeating historical time confer upon Romanian literature a special tension, born from wandering and threat. The eighty-one writers gathered in Romanian Writers on Writing explore this unsettling tension and exemplify the powerful, polyphonic voice of their country’s complex literature.


  • Gabriela Adameşteanu
  • Ştefan Agopian
  • Tudor Arghezi
  • George Bacovia
  • George Bălăiţă
  • Cezar Baltag
  • Ion Barbu
  • Lucian Blaga
  • Ana Blandiana
  • Max Blecher
  • Nicolae Breban
  • Emil Brumaru
  • Matei Călinescu
  • Ion Luca Caragiale
  • Mateiu I. Caragiale
  • Ion Caraion
  • Magda Cârneci
  • Mircea Cărtărescu
  • Nina Cassian
  • Paul Celan
  • Ruxandra Cesereanu
  • E. M. Cioran
  • Andrei Codrescu
  • Radu Cosaşu
  • Gheorghe Crăciun
  • Ioan Petru Culianu
  • Leonid Dimov
  • Virgil Duda
  • Petru Dumitriu
  • Mircea Eliade
  • Mihai Eminescu
  • Carmen Firan
  • Filip Florian
  • Benjamin Fundoianu / Benjamin Fondane
  • Bogdan Ghiu
  • Paul Goma
  • Vintilă Horia
  • Florina Ilis
  • Doina Ioanid
  • Eugene Ionesco / Eugen Ionescu
  • Panait Istrati
  • Nora Iuga
  • Mircea Ivănescu
  • Florin Lăzărescu
  • Gherasim Luca
  • Dan Lungu
  • Mariana Marin
  • Virgil Mazilescu
  • Gabriela Melinescu
  • Florin Mugur
  • Ion Mureşan
  • Alexandru Muşina
  • Gellu Naum
  • Mircea Nedelciu
  • Octavian Paler
  • Hortensia Papadat-Bengescu
  • Camil Petrescu
  • Radu Petrescu
  • Răzvan Petrescu
  • Marta Petreu
  • Cristian Popescu
  • Simona Popescu
  • Marin Preda
  • Liviu Rebreanu
  • Ana Maria Sandu
  • Mihail Sebastian
  • Alexandru Sever
  • Mircea Horia Simionescu
  • Ion D. Sîrbu
  • Marin Sorescu
  • Nichita Stănescu
  • Bogdan Suceavă
  • Octav Şuluţiu
  • Lucian Dan Teodorovici
  • Dumitru Ţepeneag
  • Constantin Ţoiu
  • Floarea Ţuţuianu
  • Tristan Tzara
  • Matei Vişniec
  • Alexandru Vlad


    “A brilliant publishing enterprise. One of the best elements in American culture is a genuine, welcoming interest in writing from other languages. Beginning with essential writers from Ireland, Mexico, and Poland, the series fills a vital need. Edward Hirsch is absolutely the right general editor to guide the series. In a time of clouds, anxieties, disasters, and blunders regarding our place among the nations, here is a beacon.”

    Robert Pinsky

    “These handsome, beautifully written, and thoughtfully edited volumes could not come at a more opportune moment. Even as our political borders are growing more rigid and fiercely defended, these welcome books remind us of the ways in which literature will always cross the most seemingly impermeable barrier, and leap the highest wall.”

    Francine Prose

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