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San Antonio

Outpost of Empires

Lewis F. Fisher (author)

Three hundred years of San Antonio history

San Antonio’s unique appeal is its colorful, authentic past. San Antonio: Outpost of Empires portrays in words and pictures the evolution of the city over nearly three centuries, from the days of the colonists of New Spain to the defense of the Alamo to the rapid growth of the modern era. 

Here the faces of people like Davy Crockett, Robert E. Lee, Theodore Roosevelt, Geronimo, and Queen Elizabeth II mingle with those of Spanish missionaries, female aviators, traildrivers, chili vendors, and firefighters, documenting a remarkable city’s march through time. 


“A poetic and insightful summary of the city’s origins and development to the present day. . . . Outstanding illustrations bring the author’s written history to life. . . . Yet another testament to the legacy of a city that unites history, natural beauty, hospitality, cultures and a festive spirit to form a singular mystique.”

Southwestern Historical Quarterly

“This is an excellent book for the person who wants to read about the Alamo City's history without going into a lot of detail.”

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