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Transforming San Antonio

Nelson W. Wolff (author), Henry Cisneros (foreword)

A look at the economic revitalization of the Southwest’s most vibrant city

San Antonio boasts one of the country’s fastest-growing metropolitan regions, thanks to visionary personalities, key politicians, a vibrant citizenry, and a bit of luck. In this lively behind-the-scenes account, Bexar County judge and former San Antonio mayor Nelson Wolff conveys the complexity of the characters and the events—who said what to whom when and how that affected further developments. Wolff focuses on four major initiatives—the San Antonio Spurs’ AT&T Center, Toyota, the PGA Village, and the River Walk extension—that have transformed the city. This intriguing, highly readable journey through the contemporary life of one American city is sure to illuminate the workings of not only one time and place, but also of the ways in which all American cities strive to create themselves.

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